Meet The OMG Cat, The Feline Who Is Always Surprised

Meet Benye, the wide-eyed British Shorthair kitty with a tuft of dark fur below his mouth that makes him look like he is forever exclaiming, “OMG!”.
He became well-known on the Internet after his owner posted pictures of him on Duitang, a Chinese social media site. Aside from that, we don’t know much about Benye, as his page was all in Chinese. However, we did find that that he was born on June 14 2003, which means he should be a senior kitty by now.
More info: Duitang (h/t: rocketnews)

Just take a look at his pictures:


 The OMG Cat


 The OMG Cat


 The OMG Cat



 The OMG Cat



 The OMG Cat



 The OMG Cat
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